Dramatic Interplay: Poem for dVerse Poets Pub

When I finished my observations post for today, I went to my wordpress reader to see what other writers were up to and saw Frank Hubeny’s prompt for the dVerse Poets Pub. The prompt is to write a poem of fourteen lines.

Since my week of observation is almost up and I’ll need to turn it all into a poem soon, I thought I would test out some observation-to-poem by putting together a few of today’s observations into fourteen lines.

Dramatic Interplay

A morning, exploring light and shadow
backlit life turned to space
to dive into
shadow painted leaves and lilacs
on walls, over mountain murals
and in my mind
I look behind
the subject to focus
on the light
the blur and glow
excite the drama
each click dramatic
scene in contrast
light painting of the in between


17 thoughts on “Dramatic Interplay: Poem for dVerse Poets Pub

  1. What a great exercise and admirable discipline, Maria, to write observations and then turn them into a poem! I enjoyed your camera-click journey through light and shadow. I love the phrases ‘backlit life turned to space’, ‘blur and glow’, and ‘light painting of the in between’. The images illustrate the poem beautifully.

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    • Oh, that is upsetting. My mother recently mentioned the ads on wordpress were disappointingly inappropriate for my site as well. Unless I pay for a premium site, I don’t have any control.


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