Writer In Motion: A five week writing and revising challenge

Levi at work

Summer is here. The weather is gorgeous, but sweaty-hot. Levi and I are adjusting though motivationally-challenged. He gets away with napping and bathing all day, but my stories won’t write themselves. So, I found a challenge to keep me working through August.

For the next five weeks, starting August 1st, I will be participating in the Writer In Motion blog project. I’m excited to give it a try.

The Challenge

I will receive a prompt on August 1st and write a first draft of a story. Then I will revise it to a piece of flash (up to 1000 words) and read and provide feedback with other participants.

I will be posting each version here as I revise and talk about my revision process, so you can join in the experience.

By the end of the five weeks, I hope we’ll have learned how to turn a draft into an amazing story and be able to apply what we learn to our other work.

Anyone and everyone can participate. I hope you’ll join me.


#dVerse Poets Quadrille Monday: Blue


The Blemishes are only Another Color Blue

Blue is the color spreading
lake to sky on this sunny day

at every other time they lay in shades of gray

reflection, refraction, illusions
of the light perceived

and the clouds that lord over

or come to play
melt this mountain into blue.


*The prompt at dVerse Poets Pub’s Quadrille Monday felt like an easy release after too much tension, so I felt like all those spots I can’t clean out of my lenses suddenly had purpose: Another shade of blue. For once, I saw them not as a fault, or blemish, but a part of the blue of the images.