Fun with Collective Nouns

The NaPoWriMo prompt today is to choose a short line from a beloved book as the title of the poem, then once the poem is written, completely change the title. At first I had trouble deciding which book to draw from, but then my eyes rested on my beautiful copy of A Compendium of Collective … Continue reading

Exploring: Collective Nouns

Yesterday’s writing group was incredibly fun, thanks to Ralph Cornish presenting an exploration of collective nouns. We’re all familiar with at least a few collective nouns that we use in regular speech: a hill of beans, a mountain of debt, a litter of pups. But there are so many more fun and interesting collective nouns. … Continue reading

#Writober Day 21: Screaming into the wind

#OctPoWriMo Today’s OctPoWriMo theme is Screaming into the wind. A Voice in the Leaves air pushed blown with force and speed I felt them even saw them in the movement of the trees’ branches and leaves listen to them whisper and rustle they scream their truths in the wind holding my weight against the storm … Continue reading

#Writober Day 20: Mountains or Oceans

#OctPoWriMo Today’s OctPoWriMo theme is Mountains or Oceans. This was the second prompt I wrote for OctPoWriMo and I chose Haibun for the form. The call of the seagull The gull, a dark speck on the white mountain backdrop, reminds me how close I am to the ocean by wing. If I could rise above, … Continue reading

#Writober Day 19: Purple

#OctPoWriMo Today’s OctPoWriMo theme is purple. The suggested form is Villanelle. I spent the morning pulling out some purple and it turns out purple in my life is related to Mardi Gras and costuming. Purple is feathers and trims and fancy fabrics, costumes and parties, but purple is also mystery and the sky before a … Continue reading

#Writober Day 18: The first time you were disappointed

#OctPoWriMo Today’s OctPoWriMo theme is The first time you were disappointed. Life’s disappointments come early I got too big too big for the carrier on a hike too big for the seat on the back of her bike too big to be carried asleep from the car too big to play airplane or horsey or … Continue reading

#Writober Day 16: Father Time

#OctPoWriMo Today’s OctPoWriMo theme is Father Time and the suggested form is Blitz. I have enjoyed the blitz for in the past and Morgan’s right, it does have a bit of a running out of time, ticking clock feel to it. Let’s see what happens when I put some time into it. 😉 Time To Time … Continue reading

#Writober Day 15: Mother May I

#OctPoWriMo Today’s OctPoWriMo theme is Mother May I. And the poetry form suggested is a Ballad. “Mother May I” makes me think of a domineering, strict mother. Definitely something for a Halloween themed poem. She Keeps Me Digging Refrain: Dig a hole, a deeper hole Oh, Mother, Mother may I? This time I doubt the … Continue reading

#NaNoWriMo Day 25: The Quintessence Of The Abstract

Day 25 Word count:47,267 words Word count goal: 50,000 words Mapping the Hero’s Journey: Encore Save The Cat: Finale #vss very short story Finding herself lost in abstraction, Kara began losing definitions. Sure, she had her beliefs and all the time in the world, but she lost her cat, her shoes and her fingers. Plotting … Continue reading