October 24: Daring #OctPoWriMo #Writober and #NanoPrep

OctPoWriMo Read for inspiration and craft Recommended poem: In the Dark Times by Andres Rojas Online journal: Diode Poetry Spotlight Poem from OctPoWriMo Day 23 I Still Believe in Magic by Esther Jones Poetry prompt Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt is doing something you’ve always wanted to do Forms Joseph’s Star or LaJemme Ever since I started … Continue reading

How to make plotting your short story fun with Jason L. Blair’s Full Deck Roleplaying: Setting & Characters

I’ve been talking a lot about poetry lately, but I’m also participating in The Writer’s Games. The challenge to write a short story to a prompt each weekend started two weeks ago. I’ll be getting a new prompt this evening. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I have found many fun plotting games and devices … Continue reading

April Is Coming: NaPoWriMo & A to Z Challenge & Me

Life Lessons: Always Learning These last couple months, I have learned a few things about myself: 1. Joining the YMCA is a good way to pay money to inspire me to stay home and write. 2. In the Fall and Winter, I write stories that will eventually be called for on Dark Markets. 3. When … Continue reading

Gobolinks and Blottentots

You may recognize these inkblots from my last post. The image on the left looked to me like two teddy bears playing with a ball from the moment I made it. The image on the right, however, originally looked like an angelic figure or winged creature (turned 180°), but when I looked at it again, … Continue reading