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Short Stories


72 Hours of Insanity

The Writer’s Workout Writer’s Games winners’ anthology:

Volume 10: “To Know Her Inside” I enjoyed researching the New Jersey Barrens and the Jersey Devil for this difficult relationship.

Volume 9: “Descent into the Kitwanga Stepwell” This story was part of my prewrite for my sci-fi novel exploring a future world where those who refuse tech have to create a separate society.

“More Than He Could Chew” Editor, David W. Berner chose this flash fiction story about a girl and her father having a day at the lake for his first volume of Writer Shed Stories: Stories with Lasting Impressions.

“Almost Paradise” The editors at Z Publishing House chose this story for the Washington State Emerging Writers first. When I shared it with friends, a friend found a typo, one I was not surprised went unnoticed, so I was so glad I got a chance to fix it when they selected the story for America’s Emerging Writers. I love this little multi-dimensional swim.

“Deadly Again This Summer” This fantasy was written as an answer to the unexplainable. I worked on it for many years and was so happy that it went out into the world.

“My Collection” Five on the Fifth

“When to Report a Co-Worker” The Evening Theatre

“Your New BAM-AG Home” & “McKenzie’s New Boyfriend” Fictional Pairings

“The Wilson’s Old Place” Writing prompt contest winner at Waking Writer



“Repent” Heron Tree July 2022

“The Coin-operated Man” The Gateway Review: A Journal of Magic Realism Spring 2022


“A Review of Wonderment” Auroras & Blossoms: The Auroras & Blossoms NaPoWriMo Anthology: 2020 Edition

Washington’s Best Emerging Poets 2019

“After the Rain”

“Pollock in the Playhouse”

“Little Bee” was published in the Billy Collins Masterclass anthology.

Photo-Illustrated Picture Books

The idea for these books started when I was taking a photography class and needed a model. I used some stuffed animals and as they interacted, a story grew in my mind. I used this idea to learn about self-publishing and after the second book, I created a structured (with wire) stuffed animal of my own as a duck named Dee Dee and when Dee Dee needed to fly south, I created a turtle who could tuck into her shell.

Each of these books is also a photography challenge in which I explored new techniques which eventually led me to my love of bokeh shape photography.

Gator McBumpypants Hears a Scary Noise

Gator McBumpypants in Herman Learns to Fly

Gator McBumpypants in Dee Dee Makes Three

Gator McBumpypants Doesn’t Say Goodbye

Gator McBumpypants in Shelley Comes Out of Her Shell