Booklist: Finding Books To Get Excited About

Books through a fish eye lensDuring my last visit to the library–on my mad hunt for middle grade fiction represented by agents I want to query–I happened upon Booklist, a magazine full of book reviews from the American Library Association. I browsed the magazine and noticed it also had a web component  

Though that site wants you to sign up, or subscribe to the magazine, it also links to a blog  The Booklist Reader which has lots of great book reviews, promo videos, articles and booklists. Just browsing the site to tell you about it, I found a book I can’t wait to read. I already put a hold on it at my local library (the book is on order).

The book is:

The Sasquatch Hunter’s Almanac, by Sharma Shields

The sasquatch hunter's almanac book cover

I was first drawn to the book because I’ve started a middle grade fiction story about a Sasquatch hunter. Then, in the description it said that the Sasquatch is named Mr. Krantz–presumably after Dr. Krantz who I met while studying at W.S.U. It turned out that the author is from Spokane, WA. I was not at all surprised to see, when I finished the review, that I had been drawn to a review by a librarian at the Seattle Public Library.

This is not a children’s book, and most likely not related to my story in the least, but I’m very excited to read it.

How do you find books for your reading list?

Ever hunted a Sasquatch?

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