An unplanned post about Artifact Puzzles

I have never tried to play chess, although friends who think they understand me well have recommended it to me. I answered them, “I cannot play with symbols that never change. These bishops, kings, queens, castles, tell me nothing. But if you used figurines like [people we knew], then I could play.” But during the […]

via Quote of the Day — Alec Nevala-Lee

Today, I have been enjoying Alec Nevala-Lee’s posts about the sci-fi connections of Isaac Asimov, John W. Campbell, and L. Ron Hubbard. I have a special friend who is intrigued by the history of L. Ron Hubbard so I’ve been talking about Alec’s posts all day.

Imagine my surprise, when during my own wordpress drafting,  I noticed the post above.

This image and idea means so much to me. I went and saw wonderful chess sets at the Seattle art museum when I was studying for my Alice puzzle Artifact Puzzles – Tyukanov Cheshire Cat Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle .

When I designed wooden jigsaw puzzles for Artifact Puzzles, it made sense to me that people who liked difficult puzzles might also like chess. I started searching for interesting images with chess involved. I was surprised to find few.

I had big dreams of making a puzzle so that the pieces cut could be used as a full chess set. It didn’t happen, but if you bought a bunch of my puzzles, I’m sure you could play a good game of D&D.

Just now, I went and looked up my puzzle that I  put chess pieces in and I’m giggling because one of the comments is so good . They called me a little stinker! Who gets that kind of praise?

I did a lot of Matisse research for my little Matisse puzzle, but it didn’t have anything to do with chess. I love that he did stained glass which is also one of my interests.

I recommend that everyone enjoys Alec’s writing and Artifact Puzzles



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