N is for Nisus – I woke up thinking it was Monday. I’ll do another N tomorrow.

nisus: noun – a mental or physical effort to attain an end; impulse: a perfective urge or endeavor


Fresh-Scented Answer

Six months of siege
The men are restless
The tents can’t cover the stench of
prairie baked with sweat, blood and waste
I have no more blood-roiling speeches to impart
I need air and with haste

I disguise myself as peasant
And sneak inside the wall
To a garden drawn by sweet perfume
A song rises on the wind
Dipping and caressing the blooms
Unknowingly revealing my heart’s desire

The nisus to create chaos
Put on pause to find order
In silent centering or the mathematical
Arrangements of octaves
relaxing into combined harmony and discord

With a purple lock, the battle won
Eros fly your arrow and a temptation for good measure
To pursue the worst betrayal
I feel her watching, I set to scrubbing,
Finding pleasant scents, to masking
Expecting her arrival

Success ’tis mine, his weakness at my feet
As is she, abhorrent monster
Not worth the price I flee
And yet she clings to drowning
Feral gods you taunt
My enemy conquered transformed to hover
And the jilted lover drowned rises to fly, a heron.

The days at sea are slow and draining
But this drama is entertaining for
The once magic king now osprey
has spied the back-biting heron
And dives with talon and beak
Seeking revenge
Like the morning sun will come
This new war never ends



I took these pictures to illustrate my friend Christopher Bailey’s guest post on writer’s block. I love that they fit so well with today’s theme, so I can use them again.

One thought on “N is for Nisus – I woke up thinking it was Monday. I’ll do another N tomorrow.

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