S is for Sudorific

sudorific: adjective – causing or inducing sweat; noun – a drug that induces sweating

sudoriferous: adjective – producing or conveying sweat (like a gland or duct)

Close-up of daffodils

Flawed Reflection

He looks at you and sees himself
You look at him and do the same
The love of self blooms into
A giddy mirror

He reflects upon himself in your work
You proudly do the same
The self-serving compliments
Bounce frantically hour after hour

With him movement eases
Sudorific fears abate
Or intertwined lose their odor
You recognize your unmasked scent

He guides you to your own will
You congratulate his greatness
For capturing your art in action
In a warped carnival

His words halt my thoughts
Are too powerful; I pause
Your words, weak and shallow
Steal the fresh smell of spring

A wilted and soured narcissus
So quick to rejoin the dirt
I hear the wrenching and cleaving
The mirror cracks

This poem was inspired by the NaPoWriMo theme of the Narcissus myth and by learning that Frank Bidart won the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry then finding videos of his readings with James Franco.

On a happier note – I read this article that has nothing to do with either man: Art and Poetry Collide.

It inspired me. I’m thinking of finding a poem to inspire a series of textile art pieces. I’m also going to see if there are any events in my area that create collaborations between poets and artists and if not, I may create one.
In the spirit of collaboration between poets and artists, you may want to look at:

The Art of Collaboration: Poets, Artists, Books

A Different Image: The Legacy of Broadside Press

Words with friends: Artist-Poet Pairings from ArtNews April 2013

2 thoughts on “S is for Sudorific

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