Innovations in Klecksography: Happy Accidents

mysterious appearance

This poem was made with the Sasquatch magnetic poetry kit. I thought this looked like Mothman. What do you see? If you sit back from the screen you can see the iridescence better.

I was having trouble getting enough color dropped onto the page with my new palette of watercolors, so I thought I would try my new techniques with acrylics. I pulled out an old set of Golden acrylics and I’m glad I did. Those caps were getting hard to take off.

golden acrylics

I tried going back to the eyedropper. Creating the correct consistency is going to take some practice and the flat palette was not conducive to my needs. Luckily, I have a plastic palette with “wells” that I can work with for our next innovations.

Acrylics are definitely more messy. And I might get carpal tunnel from the force of trying to flick blots. I have to use a separate brush for each color and I have to  change out the water often, but it’s the amount of paint in the rinse water that led to a very happy accident.

This set of acrylics has two different iridescent colors: a light greenish white and a copper. I used the white/green in the poem image. At one point in my work, I noticed the rinse-water was a very pretty color and then saw the iridescent shimmer swirl in it. It was so pretty. I pulled out my camera and used the movie function for the first time in years. The music in the background is what I was listening to at the time and the weird (kinda cat sneeze) noise is my camera focusing. You can mute it and listen to whatever you like to enjoy it.

*I am not promoting whatever comes up as “watch next”.

I think it will take a few more days to figure out how to work with the acrylics, but I like these happy accidents and will continue to look for them.

I hope you are finding happy accidents in your endeavors. I would love to hear about them. Please share in the comments.

Here’s to your health!


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