#NaPoWriMo Day 13: I Steal Glances

photograph of Mt. Rainier in a mirror on a dock on Lake Tapps

I Steal Skewed Glances of the Mountain(2020) photograph by Maria L. Berg

Today I was inspired by the Reflections series by Sebastian Magnani. I was a little bummed that I got rid of the small mirrors I picked up as part of a Thor costume project  because they would have been perfect, but, in a way, they would have been too similar to Mr. Magnani’s work. I grabbed a beautiful mirror my sister gave me a long time ago and had happy results.

A to Z Challenge

For today’s musical terms that start with the letter K, I thought it would be fun to look at some common words that have different meanings in music.

key – 1. the keys are the levers which the performer depresses to activate the action, thus producing tones. 2. Music that is based on a major or minor scale is said to be in a key. Keys are identified by their tonic (also called keynote, is the first note of the scale).
kick – A term for bass drum
kit – a drum set, also a small unfretted fiddle popular during the Renaissance

I tried to put key and kick into today’s poem, but ended up deleting those lines because they didn’t fit.


Prompt: Write a non-apology for things you have stolen.

photograph of Mt. Rainier in a mirror on some grass

I Steal Glances of the Mountain from the Grass (2020)                  photograph by Maria L. Berg

PAD Challenge

Prompt: Write a view poem

photograph of Mt. Rainier in a framed mirror

I Steal Glances of the Mountain (2020) photograph by Maria L. Berg

The poem

I Steal Glances

I steal glances at the marvelous view
it steals seconds from what I must do

I stole a peek at the mountain just now
the left slope stolen by a large fir bough

I steal pets from the kitty next door
but I’m quite confident that’s what he’s here for

I stole a glimpse at a glint on a wave
the lake will steal my breath, but is enticing these days

I steal moments with the click of a button
and store them in files until I want to view them

I stole a plum, though it could have been mine
Not sure where that tree hits the property line

I steal ideas, pluck them out of thin air
the collective unconscious keeps putting them there

I stole a gander at a crow flying by
He flaps, then caws that he stole the sky

I steal glances at the marvelous view
while it steals my need to have things to do


I hope everyone finds beauty in their glances today.

Happy Reading and Writing!

Thank you for being here

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