#NaPoWriMo Day 18: The Little Things

Writing the abstract

The poem

Ode to simple pleasures

I’m writing a thank you note
to each drop of rain
falling from the thick grey sky
nestling on the blades of grass
gathering into little streams
wriggling down the windows

a missive of gratitude to
breakfast ice cream
cool sweetness on my tongue
soothing calm down my throat
a chunk of chocolate and toffee
comforting indulgence
pushes away remnants of
last nights anger and hurt

a memo of acknowledgment
for piles of blankets
and stacks of pillows
the soft and the warm and the cuddly
and finally, a special shout-out
to words, all of your words
that will keep me company
today, I am grateful


A to Z Challenge

piu – more
poco a poco – little by little
presto – very fast


Prompt: an ode to life’s small pleasures

PAD Challenge

Prompt: write a message poem



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