Revising and Editing Poems

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Now that National Poetry Writing Month is over and many of us have thirty fresh poem drafts, it’s time to start thinking about revision. This morning I scoured the internet for revision techniques and found a lot of useful information and some worksheets. We want to approach each poem with fresh eyes, so I recommend starting with the draft you wrote on April first, or practicing up on some older poems to let your new drafts rest a bit. Here are the resources I enjoyed the most:

Blog Posts

The Art of Targeted Revision by Sandra Beasley from Poets & Writers

On revision from Molly Spencer (there are four posts in her revision series)

How to Revise Your Poetry from Poetry Teatime

5 Ways to Revise Poems from Writer’s Digest

13 Ways to Revise a Poem from Freesia McKee

Magma poetry’s 25 Rules for Editing Poems



Poetry revision activity

Poetry Self-Evaluation worksheet from Scholastic

Creative Exercises: Revising and Building by John Chapman


I like a lot of these ideas. Today, I’m going to start reading through the poetry collages I created last year and play with some of Molly Spencer’s “radical revision” techniques. I hope you find some useful ideas in all these resources that inspire your revision process.

And don’t forget to read a ton of poetry while you’re at it.

Happy Reading and Writing!

2 thoughts on “Revising and Editing Poems

  1. ❤ I am so glad to have been able to reconnect with you this year, Maria! I know I haven't written so much – life and chronic pain and work have interfered greatly – but I have really loved reading your poems (music! music!). Are you on FB or anything that I might be able to stay in touch with your work, since I am really bad about checking blogs these days?

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    • I almost never check FB anymore, but I’m on twitter. Just click on the t in the orange box above the Experience Writing banner at the top of the page. Thank you for all your kind words this last month.


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