A Morning Reading Great Poetry: Why don’t we tweet poetry books like TV shows or movies?

This morning, I enjoyed reading a lot of great poetry.  As I read, I needed to write down at least one line from every page with fervent excitement. I wanted to share my joy with everyone.

I thought, “why don’t people tweet poetry books the way they tweet TV shows and films?” Start them at the same time and tweet out exciting lines and moments. Then I thought, who would do that? Who could I start that with? Who would relate to and be excited by these poems the way I am? What I was relating to especially were the water and swimming details in the poems, the place and sensory details, of course, so I thought, I need to start following local poets, How do I find more of them?

Luckily, WA state has a wonderful Poet Laureate and she is also Seattle’s Civic Poet Laureate, so I have something amazing to share:

Washington Poetic Routes

Seattle Poetic Grid

Claudia Castro Luna, author of  This City and Killing Marías created these wonderful maps. Each dot, when clicked, opens a poem about that location. I have so much to explore, and so many poets to get to know.

Read Poetry!

Happy reading and writing

Thank you for being here

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