#NaNoWriMo & #NovPAD Day 20 & #SoCS: Overlapping Gray Areas

Family Clusters by Maria L. Berg 2021

After yesterday’s fun discovery, I created a family of new filters to try.

Every Family Has One by Maria L. Berg 2021

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Today’s #SoCS prompt,”black, gray, and white,” inspired me to take some rich black and white photos with my new filters. It changed how I perceived the shapes. I was more attracted to juxtaposing different shades of brightness and searching for depth.

Layers of Connection by Maria L. Berg

Shooting these filters in the mirror world was a very different experience. I’m glad this prompt inspired me to try it.

The Nuclear Family by Maria L. Berg 2021

November PAD Chapbook Challenge

Today’s prompt is to title a poem “(blank) You.”

After You

have taken the first bite
(not to be polite)
and have not been poisoned

have crossed the threshold
and found safe haven

have stepped into the unknown
and not been devoured

have leapt and fallen
and not been broken

have immersed yourself
but not drowned

have put your hand in the fire
and not been burned

have put your head in the lions jaw
and not been bitten

have experimented and proven your hypothesis
that you are rubber and all others are glue

have left decency behind
and faced no consequence

we can follow without fear
the world demonstrated
and made plain

All in the Family by Maria L. Berg 2021


I have to admit I’m glad I decided to start completely from scratch on this novel. Last night during a write-in with my regional ML, I finally reached a scene from the original draft that I liked. However, even though I liked it, I still only kept a couple lines of dialogue. Turns out what I liked about the scene was the secondary character. She never even got a name the first time around, but I want her to have more scenes, maybe turn into a confidant or side-kick. She has a straight-faced dry wit, so she can add comic relief and she is full of inside information that can be useful for my MC.

Today, I’ll take her through my character creation spreadsheet, then brainstorm where she fits into the plot. I also have a new character who is a private investigator. I wrote his first scene last night as well, so I’ll take him through character creation and plan out his scenes as well.

November Daily Prompts by Maria L. Berg 2021 Please leave your links in the comments. I hope you will join me.

Happy Reading and Writing!

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