#NaNoWriMo & #NovPAD Day 29: The Next Slant

On the Slant by Maria L. Berg 2021

This morning the sun came out and did my work for me. Mr. Kitty is known in the biz to be an uncooperative model, but he didn’t know today’s theme was slant.

It’s a good day to reread Tell all the truth but tell it slant by Emily Dickinson.

Telling It Slant by Maria L. Berg 2021

November PAD Chapbook Challenge

Today’s prompt is to write a next poem.

What’s Next?

Doesn’t help to ponder
only think up possible
contingencies, or plan
escape routes aplenty
I mean pretense
dictates portance
but I’m pretending
while planking
that all will remain placid

Pondering doesn’t help the
possible up-link only
plans contingencies, a
plentiful route, escaping
pretense and mean.
People don’t average well
Portance, though archaic, dictates
pretending. I am but horizontal,
planking while placid.

Slanted Shadow Cat by Maria L. Berg 2021

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November Daily Prompts by Maria L. Berg 2021 Please leave your links in the comments. I hope you will join me.

Happy Reading and Writing!

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