Day Eleven: A Great Big Powerful Idea

A Bright Idea by Maria L. Berg 2022


A new thought, conception, or notion may occur when looking at something in a new way. Today’s idea for my photographs came from the bulbs in my overhead light burning out. Because the overhead light didn’t work, I turned on the lamp on my bookshelf. Looking up at the glass over the dead bulbs overhead, I admired the pattern reflected from the light coming through the curtains. Then I saw the curtains reflected over the art in the hall. I played with how the lines bent as I changed my position. From the Greek, idea means “I have seen, I know.”

Phoenix Rising by Maria L. Berg 2022

The Prompts


Today’s prompt is to write a poem about a very large thing.

Poem A Day

Today’s prompt is to write a power poem.

Bending the Walls by Maria L. Berg 2022

The Poem

Great Big Ideas

Sometimes an idea arrives
like Godzilla to a major metropolis
stomping and destroying
planning and construction
that was built before
setting it all aflame
with his breath
a ravenous rancorous reptile
with limbs stuck in his jagged teeth
his mighty metallic roar
radiating, shaking and breaking
any remaining windows

Sometimes an idea arrives
like King Kong breaking his chains
beating his chest, climbing
to the tip of the tallest building
to escape the maddening crowd
only wanting to return
to his ancient jungle home
to be alone and in peace
a gentle giant beyond the wall
worshiped with sacrifice
separate from the tribe
gargantuan gorilla of
tremendous tenderness
hidden in the thick lush heat

Sometimes ideas come
tumbling and competing
like a Kaiju battle royale
Best to stay out from underfoot
watch from a safe distance
quietly, quietly, and without judgement
for giants, like ideas,
can change; not only in appearance
but allegiances, fickle monsters
not looking at their feet
still stomp
and destroy

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