#Writober Day 7: Courage to Persevere Through the Fog

Fall Fog Rolling In by Maria L. Berg 2022

Tourmaline .’s Halloween Challenge

Today’s word is “Fog” which immediately made me think of the movie “The Fog.” I first watched The Fog thinking it was the movie that inspired the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror V in which a fog made their bodies turn inside out, so I was surprised that the movie was about ghost pirates and not people turning inside out.

So last night I did a little searching and found a movie from 1979 called Screamers that advertised men turned inside out, but after reading about it, it turns out that like The Fog, it does not have people turning inside out. Finally I found the actual inspiration for the Simpsons sketch which was an episode of the Lights Out radio show called The Dark (1937).

The fog was so thick yesterday morning, I thought today’s images would be easy. But, no, of course there was no fog this morning, so I had to be creative. I came up with the idea to use hairspray on my plastic filters to create a misty fog. I made two filters: one I crumpled up before spraying and one I left flat and sprayed. The hairspray didn’t want to dry, so I tried my hairdryer. I thought it might melt the plastic in an interesting way, but the plastic wasn’t affected.

It turned out that the crumpled one made a fog effect in reality, and the plain one made a foggy effect in the mirrorworld.

Fogging Up a Sunny Morning by Maria L. Berg 2022
Kitty in a Fog by Maria L. Berg 2022


Today’s prompt is finding the courage to persevere. The suggested forms are Villanelle or Cascade. I haven’t played with either in a while. I’m feeling a Cascade today.

Facing Day

This morning is a joy of possibilities
scattered with barriers and disappointments,
challenges with the potential to deter or discourage,
but there’s light I want to capture, so I persevere.

As if gratitude asks for trouble,
each tool soon breaks from obsolescence,
but I release the need and adapt, knowing
each morning is a joy of possibilities.

It’s not in my nature to see failure
as opportunity to fail better—I try
to fight the perfectionist, but she disapproves
scattering conflicts, barriers and disappointments.

However, starting each day in creative action
fills me with such complete satisfaction
even slow progress armors me against
challenges with the potential to deter or discourage.

I have to fight a dark fear of complete loss,
of the coming change that will rearrange
my view, values, and purpose,
but there’s light I want to capture, so I persevere.

Writober Flash Fiction

Today’s image is “Self Exposed” by Thomas Barbèy. Click on the link to go to his gallery. The site states that he is now retired and no longer selling prints. He created his surrealist images by combining negatives in the dark room. The image shows a woman’s face being draped aside to reveal a town on the other side of a bridge on which a couple is kissing. Here’s an excerpt from my story “Her Face a Veil:”

A black streak near her eye caught my attention. I reached out to brush it away; that is how comfortable I felt with her, as if we had known each other intimately, though we just met. She didn’t flinch from my touch, but moved into it, or should I say through it? Her skin was not solid, but fluid, like a high-thread-count cotton sheet. And the black spot that I thought to wipe away turned out to be a slight gap at the edge of the fabric. I wiped my hand across her face and it draped into soft waves and revealed a bridge leading to a city European design, that appeared trapped in time.

I yanked my hand back, and her face returned, appearing complete and alluring. She smiled coyly as if letting me glimpse the truth behind the facade was a normal form of flirting. The cafe blurred and whirled.

Maria L. Berg #Writober7 Day 7 2022

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