Poetry Month Challenges Day 23: Fear and Control

Fear and Control by Maria L. Berg 2023

Fear and Control

I added this week’s contradictory nouns to my chart of fear and control. It now looks like this:

Then I printed and cut out all of the images I have posted so far this month and used the chart to place them into a collage:

My Images on the Axes of Fear and Control Maria L. Berg 2023

Today’s Images

For today’s images I continued yesterday’s work with Morse Code, making a dot and line patterns of “fear” and “control.” I started by putting the dots and lines in a “house” shape. I had the interesting experience of seeing the shape as grave stones when fear was in the center, and graven tablets when control was in the center. Then the shape filter tore and became a different shape without meaning, and I combined the fear and control filters. I used other shape filters, enjoying the effect of a tiny brad movable line filter.

Control and Fear by Maria L. Berg 2023

The Prompts


Today’s prompt is to write a poem that has multiple numbered sections. Attempt to have each section be in dialogue with the others, like a song where a different person sings each verse, giving a different point of view. Set the poem in a specific place that you used to spend a lot of time in, but don’t spend time in anymore.

Poem A Day

Today’s prompt is to write a fear poem.

Since I’m attempting to catch up on the Nonce Scavenger Hunt, the prompts inspired me to try an “Inside Out” and several instances of “The Mouse.”

The Poem

The Ravine

  1. It’s steep. It’s far. It’s slick. It’s rotting. It’s dirty.
    I could slip and fall on a rock,
    break my leg, my arm, or my head.
    If a tree falls in the forest, it could hit me.
  2. I hurry down the steep hillside.
    Halfway down there are mushrooms and I squish a slug.
    As I near, I hear the creek rushing over rocks.
    I can’t wait to cool where it pools.
  3. The only way across is over a nurse log.
    Who knows when the giant tree fell?
    I grasp at every limb I can.
    My gut churns because I’m sure I’m going to fall.
  4. I imagine dinosaur paths
    that I’m playing in brontosaurus stomping grounds
    that if I follow the creek the ravine goes on
    forever, but I will stay close.
  5. It’s where the deer and thieves arrive and go unseen
    where they left our pennies after
    our little hearts and dreams shattered
    like the deer eating every one of Mom’s roses

fear fear

  1. fear fear
    fighter, flighter
    life’s preservation drops blinders
  2. fear fear
    beating harder
    pulsing alarm of disaster
  3. fear fear
    gasping, shaking
    never enough pure oxygen
  4. fear fear
    muscles tensing
    what objects offer weaponry?
  5. fear fear
    darkened shadows
    feeling lingers, nothing appears
  6. fear fear
    steeper faster
    spreading over more stimuli
  7. fear fear
    growing, taking
    like ravine pathways eroding

3 thoughts on “Poetry Month Challenges Day 23: Fear and Control

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  2. Maria I love the Inside Out poem – it really has marvelous imagery and I found myself holding my breath as if I were walking over that ravine! And your little mice (though tethered by numbers) are very serious and thought provoking! Really great that you were able to combine so many prompts into the poems!!

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