Do You Hear What I Hear?

Jingle Bells by Maria L. Berg 2021

A few days ago I realized that Bells managed to get on my prompt calendar twice. I thought about replacing it, but then I concluded that I hadn’t done much with the bells filter I created the first time around. I had some fun detailing my bells with pieces of label stickers.

Ringing in Christmas by Maria L. Berg 2021

New Poem

The prompt at Poetic Bloomings today is Prompt #365 – Do You See What I See? which challenges us to write from the perspective of an item associated with Christmas.

I Worry She’s Forgotten Me

I stand in this dark corner
by the closet in the hall.
She moved me here
to clear a path for the couch,
but never put me back by the door.
She left a windbreaker
and a floppy summer hat
as if to define me,
define my purpose,
or a purpose I once had.
This change of station
has me worrying
that she won’t use me this year.
But I was filled with anticipation
as the festivities started early.
She pulled out decorations
and new lights arrived
and then more came.
But something’s wrong:
she moves the lights
from room to room
hanging them in colorful defiance
of the encroaching dark,
but she takes them down again.
A week ago, she set up Santa’s village
and fixed the toy shop’s roof,
but now it’s put away.
It’s as if she’s taunting me
every single day.
The first year, I felt strange,
out of place, over-dressed
and embarrassed when she
hung lights and decorations
where coats and hats
were meant to be.
But as the gifts lay at my base
and I saw the smiles
in my lights
on her face
I began to enjoy
my stand-in role
she created.
Every year she has added
to my Christmas costume.
Last year colorful ostrich feathers
bedecked me as a modernist palm.
And yet I stand bare
my basic shape of function showing.
Will she or won’t she?
It’s torture,
this waiting,
not knowing.

Christmas Bells Are Ringing by Maria L. Berg 2021

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Let the Heavens Ring by Maria L. Berg 2021
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