Christmas Duck Giving

Giving Christmas Duck by Maria L. Berg 2021

What does giving look like? Yesterday, while rummaging around looking for yeti things, I happened upon this dishtowel I forgot I had. The universe gifted me this Christmas duck, so I decided to give it some gifts.

A Frog for Its Head by Maria L. Berg 2021

New Poem

On Vacation

We visited
something else disappeared
pieces of shared experience
taking up residence
in the paintings
on your forehead
and the crook behind
a slightly bent left leg

The apartment didn’t want to keep me
If wallpapered, the same place
so we met in other places
If only your smile were digestible
when we stayed together
we reflected their appearance
these women
during clenched fists

It isn’t fair that the flavor or feel
is neither sugar nor milk
to my coffee
I let you finish my reach
forward to cut into the bits
before depositing them
to encounter the rebuke

Duck in Santa Hat by Maria L. Berg 2021
Christmas Duck Songs by Maria L. Berg 2021
Showered with Gifts by Maria L. Berg 2021
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