#NaPoWriMo Day 9: Capturing Rainbow Butterflies

Capturing Rainbow Butterflies (2020) bokeh photograph by Maria L. Berg

Capturing Rainbow Butterflies (2020)                                    bokeh photograph by Maria L. Berg

A to Z Challenge

When I went to Sweden as an exchange student at thirteen, I had already been playing piano for eight years. Imagine my surprise to find that their scales had an H note. Mind- warping alternate reality.

half-step  the smallest distance possible between two notes

harmony (from dictionary.com)

  1. any simultaneous combination of tones.
  2. the simultaneous combination of tones, especially when blended into chords pleasing to the ear; chordal structure, as distinguished from melody and rhythm.
  3. the science of the structure, relations, and practical combination of chords.


Prompt: write a concrete poem

PAD Challenge

Prompt: write an ekphrastic poem

I went to dictionary.com and typed in ekphrastic to explore the word further than my general understanding, and nothing came up, so I took a look at the entry for Ekphrasis on Wikipedia. It didn’t add a lot to my understanding of ekphrastic poetry, but I did like some of the phrases in the description such as: illuminative liveliness and rhetorical vividness. So today, I will attempt to approach liveliness and vividness with my words.

The poem

A Harmony of Rainbow Butterflies

A Harmony of Rainbow Butterflies