#Writober Day 20: The Darwin Pool

writober day 20

This guy looks like something that crawled out of The Darwin Pool. The Darwin Pool is what my friend and I call a tide pool at the ocean with weird looking sea life in it, like an albino tadpole looking thing or a creepy piranha with legs like our friend in the picture.

So how will this little monster fit into your story? Is it a new species? Are they invading aliens? Is it the latest pet craze? Share your ideas in the comments.

And don’t forget ti head over to #pessimisticmoustache. I bet you can come up with a bunch of isms to describe our little monster.

#vss very short story

When the fish started walking around, they looked like cute Ray Harryhausen creations. But then they got a taste for blood and they weren’t so cute anymore.


Desires and Remembering

Today’s prompt is a challenge to remember something that you really wanted and remember it with all the senses. I’m pretty sure I’ve never really wanted a fish with legs, but I’ll give it a go.

I haven’t written a haiku yet during #OctPoWriMo and something came to me, so here goes.

Walking On Land

A fish walks on land
It yearns for air without salt
but only knows thirst


Question for your main character:

question for MC

graphic by Anjela Curtis

If my MC ends up being the walking, fanged fish, I’m pretty sure it hopes for world domination.

Happy Reading and Writing!


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