#NaNoWriMo Day 15: The Protagonist’s Ordeal and Featured Author Bree Moore!

Day 15
Word count: 30,651 words
Word count goal: 30,000 words
Mapping the Hero’s Journey: Ordeal
Save The Cat: Bad Guys Close In

Today we have a special treat! When I started this NaNoWriMo daily inspiration project, I wanted to feature a NaNoWriMo author to inspire with personal NaNoWriMo stories. I finally got a taker!! Meet Bree Moore, today’s featured author:


Bree Moore has been writing fantasy since the fourth grade. She lives in Ogden, is wife to an amazing husband, and mother of four children. She writes fantasy navels between doling out cheerios and folding laundry.

Woven is Bree’s first published novel, the start woven coverof what she intends to be an epic writing career.

In real-life, Bree works as a birth doula and midwife’s assistant, attending women in pregnancy and labor, which is huge inspiration for her writing.

1. Why did you decide to do NaNoWriMo this year? I decided to do Nano because I REALLY wanted to get this particular book finished as fast as possible. What better way to do that than to write most of it in a month?

2. What inspired this year’s novel? This year’s novel is a sequel to my first published book Woven. Its working title is “Bound”, and is due to be published next spring. Plot-wise, it is a re-telling of the classic Arthurian love story, Tristan and Isolde.

3. What is your favorite thing about NaNoWriMo? What is your least favorite and how would you solve the problem (if applicable)? My favorite thing is feeling the creativity flow through me, and having an excuse to write constantly; it’s one of the things I most love to do in this world! As for my least favorite thing, it would probably be how restricted my writing time is. I have four kids, and I often feel restricted in when I can write, which is especially hard during NaNo when the ideas are flowing so fast! If I could, I would hire a babysitter a few times a week to get more writing time. Right now that’s not feasible, so I do the best I can and feel very lucky to have an awesome husband who steps up to give me time to write.

4. What advice do you have for other writers attempting NaNoWriMo or what is the most important thing you’ve learned from participating? Get it down, and don’t be afraid to let it be dirty! The biggest mistake I see is when new writers are working on an early draft and they are CONSTANTLY going back to FIX things – rewriting entire sections of the first part of the book as they go. Instead of fixing every little plot hole in the first draft, especially during Nanowrimo, go back, make a note, and KEEP WRITING. DON’T STOP! The book will still be there when you are finished, and if you make the note and keep writing as if you already changed it, you’ll make your goal in no time! The other bit is this: don’t burn yourself out writing TOO fast. If you haven’t been writing every day, Nanowrimo can be overwhelming. It’s like a muscle – stick to that minimum word-count for the first few days, maybe get a little bit ahead, but if you do too much too fast you might burn out and your word-count may never recover. Just take it easy – the tortoise wins the race, remember?

You can find more Bree Moore on the internet at:


Feeling super-inspired? Go write those words!

Need a little more inspiration? Here are today’s prompts:

#vss very short story

Ted followed the pheromone trail. He enjoyed pushing dirt uphill all day; it inhibited his urge to question his existence. Ah, there it was the sweet scent, of purpose.

Plotting with Tarot

The Ordeal

The Ordeal Card: Page of Swords- news that is often about legal matters, contracts, conflict, problems or gossip; you need to be on your guard at present and stay mentally alert. You may have to keep your eye on everyone and everything to ensure you miss nothing.

The lowest point for MC: Five of Swords – Fear of defeat, opening old woulds, fear that history will repeat itself, that he will be hurt again.

The thing your MC will lose or thinks he loses during the ordeal: Wheel of Fortune upside-down- apparent bad luck, delays and setbacks, a fall from grace or power, plans not working out.You may find yourself having to repeat something you did a while back or it may be that something you did in the past has now come back to haunt you.

My interpretation: The Ordeal Card is right on the mark. My protagonist just found out that his son has been forging his name on legal documents that could cost him his life savings and more. He may relate this to his brother’s financial losses and lack of moral compass, opening old wounds. He thinks he has lost everything, everything he has worked so diligently for and he blames himself. He feels that he must have done wrong by his son for him to betray him so totally. My protagonist is definitely approaching his dark night of the soul.

Ask Your Character

  • Do you have any last wishes?
  • What have you learned from life? The most important things?
  • Has an illness or tragic event changed you?

Word Of The Day

opprobrium: n.  1. something that brings disgrace or reproach; 2. public disgrace from conduct considered outrageous or shameful.

8 Action Verbs:

answered               classified          corresponded          evaluated

incorporated         modified           reduced                    stimulated

Poem prompt

Since today’s theme is Ordeal, I liked a poetry prompt from Presser Poets’ Writing Prompt Monday from back in July: The Monster Under The Bed.


I look into your eyes with fear
Fear that you will lie
Lie to cover your own fear
Fear that you will tell the truth
Truth that will destroy our hopes

Hopes I built through sweat and toil
Toil and abuse of the daily grind
Grind, grind, erode my creations
Creations like you, your trust and your home
Home that your selfish greed did forsake

Forsake your mother, her love knows no end
End of the road, I can’t forgive
Forgive these crimes, I raised you better
Better life is not wealth
Wealth was trust and respect


Awesome Sentence Challenge

From The Longman Handbook for Writers and Readers (6th Edition) by Chris M. Anson.

Avoid unnecessary Nominalizations: When you create a noun from some other kind of word. Example: the verb complete becomes the noun completion, or the adjective happy becomes the noun happiness.

As you write, pay special attention to nominalizations that:

  • Draw readers’ attention away from a sentence’s proper focus
  • Lead to vague sentence subjects or objects
  • Cause you to leave important information out of a sentence


Today’s Simple Task

Imagery: The most shocking or devastating thing that could happen to a symbol, icon, or thing.

Warm-up Exercise

Have your protagonist write his or her will or manifesto.

Recommended Word Crawl

Over The Garden Wall Word Crawl

Thank you to Bree Moore for her inspiring words.

Happy Reading and Writing!

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