#NaNoWriMo Day 21: The Dark Night Of The Soul

Day 21
Word count:41,008 words
Word count goal: 42,000 words
Mapping the Hero’s Journey: Resurrection / Dark Night Of The Soul
Save The Cat: Darkest Moment


#vss very short story

Death was tired of pursuing Brent who had wriggled out of his grasp for over a year now. He decided to take a day off and relax. Meditation was supposed to be good for relaxation, so he lit a candle, sat comfortably, took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He had forgotten that was how he traveled to other areas of the universe. Brent would live a long, long life.

Plotting with Tarot

darkest point

MC’s Darkest Moment: The fool- embracing folly

What has led to this moment: Ten of Swords upside-down- indicates a painful ending which must occur for there to be growth and regeneration

How the MC will be transformed: Four of Wands upside-down- a period of transition where there is little stability and security

My interpretation: In my MC’s darkest moment, he realizes he’s been a fool. He has been ignoring family secrets and betrayals, but he can’t do it anymore. He has been confronted with his own ignorance and if he wants to keep his home and his family he will have to go through a period of transition.

Ask Your Character

  • Do you have a box for keepsakes? If not where do you put small things that have sentimental value?
  • Where do you keep it?
  • Do you still put things in it, or did you stop at some point? When and why?

Word Of The Day

dross: n. 1. The waste slag or scum that forms on the surface of molten metal 2. waste or foreign matter: impurity 3. something base, trivial, or inferior

8 Action Verbs:

approved              combined          defined             expedited

interpreted          obtained             required           synthesized

Poem prompt

Take 5 minutes to write a series of paired sentences starting with “I am . . .” and “I am not. . . .” Choose the most interest, or the ones that seem to group together and write a poem.

Pieces of Me

I am content, not sated
whole, not apart
I am introverted, not shy
lone, not alone
I am feeling, not hysterical
loving, not naive
I am frugal, not cheap
resourceful, not wasteful
I am curious, not passive
active, not avoidant
I am bold, not brazen
brilliant, not shameless

Awesome Sentence Challenge

Use your thesaurus to collect all the best words for “dark.” Come up with as many metaphors and similes as you can for dark. Then write as many sentences as you can to describe your MC’s darkest moment, never using the words dark, darkness, or darkest.

Today’s Simple Task

Dark night of the soul: Does someone die today?

Warm-up Exercise

Throw the book at ’em: This is the lowest part of the story for your Main Character. Make it as bad as you can, then make it worse. Make a list of 20 things that would be worse than you have planned. How many of them can you throw at him or her at once?

Set your timer for 15 minutes. Start with something your MC does every day, but today everything s/he makes things worse. How bad can one day get?

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Happy Reading and Writing!

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