C is for Commove

galluping purple flowers

commove: verb – 1. to move violently: agitate 2. to rouse intense feeling in: excite to passion.

Vandalize In Space

Blank stares
Blank slates to vandalize
Vandalize the empty hearts
Vandalize the vapid
Vapid vikings
Vapid minds
Minds the sloths
Minds to commove
Commove me
Commove the day
Day washers
Day away
Away from here
Away from you
You too
You who hear
Hear visceral fear
Hear the lines in the vinyl
Vinyl Pauly
Vinyl vanguard
Vanguard of the future
Vanguard vertigo
Vertigo Cliff
Vertigo Dizzy
Dizzy danglers
Dizzy disease
Disease ridden
Disease infernal
Infernal hedgehog
Infernal thieves
Thieves at the doorstep
Thieves and lovers
Lovers leap
Lovers last laugh
Laugh at it
Laugh in the face
Face the music
Face foundry
Foundry of fools
Foundry flakes
Flakes again
Flakes of flotsam
Flotsam hoard
Flotsam filled
Filled to the brim with Kim
Filled Space
Space Divers
Space for staring

Today’s NaPoWriMo theme didn’t inspire me to poetry at first, but then I remembered the Blitz poem I wrote for OctPoWriMo and got inspired. The band name list idea pairs perfectly with the blitz form.

commove in pale green

fun note: I came up with my word of the day yesterday, before I knew the NaPoWriMo theme – band names. It turns out there is a rock band named CoMMoVe. They created a powerful short film music video about PTSD. I think it’s well done, but WARNING it is at least PG-13 for images of war and violence and a difficult topic.

Happy Reading and Writing!

See you tomorrow.

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