#Writober Day 14: Mother Earth

lillly pad#OctPoWriMo

Today’s OctPoWriMo theme is Mother Earth.

Mother earth → Earth mother

Mother earth
Earth mother
Plentiful creator
dark and warm
deep and cool
I rock onto my heels
then back to my toes
which curl into the dirt
I feel her → squishy
I feel her → grit
I am grounded
but will I sprout


The image for Day 14 on the Pinterest board shows a giant clown with an axe coming down from an attic into a living room with a family sitting, probably watching TV.

My take: This image is so creepy. I know it’s a perspective trick, but that clown looks huge.

Micro-fiction: Samantha was having a great time watching Charlie’s Angels with her family when the screaming started.

Writing Process and Tools

Today’s emotion: Regret

Creepy verbs: abuse, corrupt, offend, misuse, pervert, wrong

Story Cubes Symbols: eye, magic wand, cane, die (dice), arrow, sheep, arrows in all directions, flashlight, question mark

Woodland creature: coyote

Horror trope: serial killers

Oblique Strategies: Tidy up



Happy Reading and Writing!

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