# NaPoWriMo Day 3: Playing with Sounds

Water bones resized

Water Bones (2020) arrangement and photograph by Maria L. Berg

On my search for “chromatic notes” in nature around my house, I found this odd assortment of bones in the water and on the rocks nearby. I found one similar to the largest bone about two months ago. I believe they are fish bones, but they could be bird, so I played archeologist and made a fishbird.

Blogging A to Z

Today’s theme is playing with sound and creating a word bank, so my “C” music terms might make it into the poem today.

chromatic – chromatic notes are notes that do not belong to the diatonic scale (the key signature).

counterpoint – the texture resulting from combining individual melodic lines.

crescendo – gradually get louder


Prompt: List ten words then use Rhymezone to find two to four similar or rhyming words for each to create a word bank to use in your poem.

I’ve used Rhymezone as my rhyming dictionary for a long time now, but I only used the “Find Rhymes” feature. I hadn’t explored any of the other options. It’s a whole new world. 🙂

For my word bank, I started with my three music terms then I grabbed the most recent literary magazines I have and turned to random pages.

From New England Review Volume 41 I added: single, picture, footprints, qualified

And from The MacGuffin Vol. XXXVI I added: manufacture, waiting, prickly

Turns out I chose some great words for this exercise, and now my word bank is so loaded, it could give out loans. However, an idea for how all those words want to combine into meaning still escapes me. Time to go walk around the house to find some inspiration.

PAD Challenge

Prompt: Follow (blank)
This prompt means to put a word or phrase after the word Follow as the idea for your poem.

The poem

Follow Along With The Chromatic Song

Sick of static, I searched aquatic
And found these bones

Chromatic notes in nature
An innuendo, a memento in the splendor
A flicker in the mixture becomes a picture
A fracture creating counterpoint to enrapture

The bones could be fishy but tricky
I find them acrobatic though tragic

Moving mountainside, I glide
Toward the prickly quickly
And manufacture a capture
Qualified to crystallize
A snatcher of pasture
But then a wrinkle

Concentrating, alternating surprise and confusion
Tempo and crescendo of the pulse intermingle

Equating verified with horrified
And sickly with crispy
I stared at the midpoint now a joint
Compromised alongside and single
So glad it has yet to intermingle with
my car or house or
Me, either waiting or lucky


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