#NaPoWriMo Day 20: Homemade Gifts in Isolation

homemade scarf

The poem

Warm Fuzzy Thoughts of You

I pulled the scarf you made
from the cubby in the closet
something sticky found its way
onto its knits and pearls
so I gave it a cool rinse
before rubbing it to my cheek
like a pastel kiss of greeting
then wrapped its curling edges
around my neck and shoulders
like a warm, soft hug
its melange of bright colors
like hours of smiles
and fun conversation
memories of you to
comfort my isolation

The prompts

A to Z Challenge

quartet – A performing group involving four voices or instruments. A string quartet, consisting of two violins, a viola and a cello, is the most common.

quantize – Quantization is a process used in the production of digital music. To quantize, simply put, is the process by which notes performed by a human are made by the computer to more closely match the tempo and beat of the composition.


Prompt: write a poem about a homemade gift

PAD Challenge

Prompt: write an isolation poem

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