Excavating the Mind Day 2: Sudsy water

If you didn’t come by Experience Writing yesterday, I started a week long photography and poetry challenge inspired by a prompt from Poets & Writers called Excavating the Mind.

Day 2 notes and observations

It has been raining for two days. It stopped for a moment, so I thought I would focus today’s observations on the water. Levi, the neighbor’s cat, greeted me at the door and joined me on my walk to the dock. But when we got there, the water was covered in suds.

The suds only gathered on one side of the dock
Levi stood guard while I took pictures
I love that he takes walks with me

The water was choppy and murky.
I wonder if Cascade Water Alliance put in that awful chemical to kill the milfoil.
It has been pouring and yet there are spiderwebs on the ladder, strong stuff spider silk
The neighbor’s buoy is the clown nose of the lake

The sky is so blue, the sun makes a lovely lens glare onto this fluffy cloud, hard to believe it’s been raining all morning
I see a fox head in the shadows on the water’s surface
Levi is getting impatient with me; he wants to continue our walk
I don’t know what this is in my fire pit, but it looks like rolled up hair, a lot of rolled up hair

There you have it, Day 2’s pictures and observations. I may have to get a stick and poke at that thing in the fire pit, but I’ll save those observations for tomorrow.

Happy Reading and Writing!

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