Excavating the Mind Day 3: Evolving Mysteries

I am working on a week long photography and poetry challenge inspired by a prompt from Poets & Writers called Excavating the Mind.

Day 3 notes and observations

Levi, the neighbor’s cat, was very excited to get me out observing this morning. At seven am the air was brisk. The sun was at a great angle for creating dramatic light and shadow especially under the trees.

I took a metal poker and poked at the hairy-looking thing in my fire-pit. It had a concrete plug with three tiny nails (?) sticking out of it. The hairy section separated easily with a little prodding into eighth-inch-wide, soft, white fabric strips. I still have no idea what this is. I’m enjoying the evolving mystery.


  • the suds are gone
  • the water is much clearer
  • the neighbor has a golf cart on his lawn
  • I don’t see any ants
  • why would anyone keep that? (strange blob of rusted bolts and nails in concrete sitting on top of an old metal pail)
  • it’s strangely phallic
  • it looks kind of like a human heart

why would anyone keep that


Yesterday, I heard some very upset birds by one particularly large rhododendron, so I thought I would look for a nest. This morning, no birds there at all. However, it was a beautiful morning for bird watching. I thought I would change lenses and attempt some bird observations, but my camera battery died, so tomorrow’s observations will most likely be about birds.

There you have it, Day 3’s pictures and observations.

Happy Reading and Writing!

Thank you for being here

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