October 5: To Write From the Heart

The Heart by Maria L. Berg 2020


Today’s poetry prompt is writing from the heart

Form shape poetry or Lysentia Rhyme

Listen to the living heart

My heart, though essential to my body,
is but a pump, a circulator
It is my voice, resonating through my being,
that is my living heart, the heart of me

My heart, though beating to the world’s rhythms,
is of this place, the lapping of these waters
It is the scream of the eagle overhead
and the roar of the hummingbird’s wings

Each morning, though the night was restless,
is an adventure, a search for nature’s news
that resonates with my voice and grows
with my living heart until I have to share.


Today’s visual prompt is this pulp cover of Rat in the Skull

micro-story At night, as the scientists slept, they worked in secret, building and testing their exo-suit. Under the bright lights, while the scientists tracked the data from their neural-implants, they ran a counter-experiment to find their strongest representative. The day the new researcher joined the lab, no one could find subject 243.

Read for inspiration and craft

Horror short story Enchantmentland by Jay Taggart

Horror online magazine Every Day Fiction

Horror movie of the day The Host


Today I’m going to do timed writings (10 to 15 min.) with each of the settings I listed in the Exploring your settings exercise I did yesterday. I’ll try to do very detailed descriptions of what my protagonist sees in that location and also create the “mood” of the place.

Thank you for being here

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