October 9: Shifting from Head to Heart #OctPoWriMo #Writober and #NanoPrep

The morning was so beautiful, I wanted to share. Plus the shift of the water and the clouds fits in with today’s theme.


Read for inspiration and craft

Recommended poem: Rules for Poetry by Rick Lupert
this funny poem published by Rattle led me to Rick Lupert’s Poetry Super Highway.

Online journal: Poetry Super Highway

Spotlight Poem from OctPoWriMo Day 7

Victoria Stuart’s cleave poem

Poetry prompt Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt is Shifting from head to heart

Forms Loop poem or Palindrome

Harmonic Old Friends

How, why and when would I separate,
separate my heart from my head?
Head and heart are best in union growing,
growing wiser and stronger together.
Together they temper, soar and explore,
explore comfortable silences and raucous noise,
noise that one can feel and one can pattern to music,
music through symphonic union framed.
Framed intention joins both to focus,
focus the tether from depth to apex point,
point out each other’s strengths and faults,
faults that push and buckle to creation,
creation of quakes or volcanic eruptions,
eruptions of ecstatic insights ripe with feeling.
Feeling inspires thought and they sing together.


For today’s visual prompt, I chose another great image by Alex Andreev.

micro-story : It was a wet morning, slick streets. Something blocked my way; I barely stopped in time. A giant eyeball clung to the overpass. I was impressed with the life-like detail and that someone could install it overnight. I wanted to touch it. I knew I shouldn’t, but I needed to touch it. As I approached, it moved. It focused on me. I swear it could see me. I could feel it taking me in.

Read for inspiration and craft

Horror flash fiction story TIL by Owen Egerton

Horror online magazine Dream of Shadows

NaNo Prep

There’s a virtual write-in today at 1 pm (Pacific) .

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