October 11: Hearing the Muse #OctPoWriMo #Writober and #NanoPrep

Dancing in the Waves by Maria L. Berg 2020


Read for inspiration and craft

Recommended poem: Hold Close My Kidney in a Handbag or File Folder by E. Kristin Anderson

Online journal: Cotton Xenomorph

Spotlight Poem from OctPoWriMo Day

Smoke by Payal Agarwal – I was impressed by how she incorporated multiple Tyburns into her freeform poem.

Poetry prompt Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt is Write a letter to your muse

Forms Rispetto or Didactic

Inspiration comes singing; be ready

Sit comfortably, quietly
breathe deeply
feel each inhale from its inception
follow each exhale to its conclusion
to the wind
a seagull’s cry
the eagle screaming in the towering fir
to each heartbeat
the movement of air
the mind releasing
inspiration will come
she will sing
let her stretch
move with her
feel the rising excitement
ride it
belly floating, lifting
rise above
don’t look down
don’t question the vision
bring it to life


For today’s visual prompt, I chose this photo by Herri Susanto

micro-story : Rumors had begun to circulate in town. Odd sights and sounds in the woods had people scared. I had my suspicions, but decided to check it out for myself. The forest was thick with fog. I could barely see a step in front of me. I heard fallen limbs crunch and the whir of hydraulics. Then the silhouettes of two giant hands, palms flat like a mime in a box, came out of the gray.

Read for inspiration and craft

Horror flash fiction story Witness by Nina D’arcangela

Horror online magazine Pen of the Damned

NaNo Prep

This week’s theme is Organize Your Life for Writing. I recently spruced up my office. This week, I’m going to try getting to the desk at the same time each morning.

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