October 19: Digging Deeper While Being Present #OctPoWriMo #Writober and #NanoPrep


While looking for exercises to help me “did deeper”, I stumbled upon “The 5 Whys” and thought I would try using the technique in today’s poem

Read for inspiration and craft

Recommended poem: Life is Beautiful by Dorianne Laux

Online journal: Canary

Spotlight Poem from OctPoWriMo Day 18

My World by Sunita had a lovely flow. It was relaxing to read.

Poetry prompt Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt is Being in the present

Forms Synchronicity or LaCharta

Gypsy Curse Disappointment

The gypsy in a rage cursed him
like a sour breakfast blueberry

He called her ugly and inert
while flames flickered on the table

He had been drawn to her beauty
warm like his mother’s sitting room

But disliked the fortune she told
as the wind crescendoed to howl
in waves

When she placed the cards one by one
to keep teeth from ire and vengeance

She read he would face rejection
like red hots, not like cinnamon

And disappointment would follow
misty, overcast, and chilly

Because she revealed his future
a sharp chirp to a yappy dog


For today’s visual prompt, I chose Judgement by Kamila Szutenberg

micro-story : And this was how Halia described the new legal system, of which she was a part: a giantess, mind engorged, pulsating with all knowledge, ever expanding, scrolls through her lengthening lists of wrongs, lording them over the disembodied masses, drifting through her realm as quantum switches.

Read for inspiration and craft

Horror flash fiction story The Eisenhower Interstate Phenomena by anonymous

Horror online magazine Creepy Pasta

NaNo Prep

Because I approach the page differently when I write by hand and when I type, I decided to set up a binder for my NaNoWriMo project. I collected worksheets and printables I think will inspire me and this week I plan to fill some in every day. If you find worksheets helpful, you may want to look at:

Eva Deverell
The Novel Factory
The Writer’s Craft
Jami Gold

Do you have other worksheets and printables that inspire you?

I also found a bunch of Scrivener templates other authors have created. Though I like the one I set up and it has a lot of information in it already, I thought I would take a look at these other templates and see if they inspire.

Thank you for being here

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