October 23: Being Grateful #OctPoWriMo and #Writober


Dodge Poetry Festival Eleven days of poets reading their work online.

Poetry prompt Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt is being grateful

Forms Trolaan or La’libertas

Satisfied Stillness

Thinking of gentle calm
thankful for this time
tender moments together
tension melting in his soft breaths

Having this time to appreciate
harmony in closeness
home in the curl of cuddles
holding soft warmth between us

Achieving ataraxia wrapped in fuzz
appeased by a wave of lethargy
aware of each choice left unmade
abounding in snug sloth

Coziness breeds gratitude
clinging this cool, rainy day
cautiously hoping time will stand still
cramming all the good into now


For today’s visual prompt, I chose Last night together

micro-story : Suddenly I was standing in a circle of light, like a spotlight was shining down from a star in the night sky. Then I felt a tugging sensation and my feet lifted from the sidewalk.

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