Pondering Possibilities

I felt inspired by dVerse poets pub’s Quadrille prompt today to ponder possibilities. My quadrille came to me almost complete (short one word) in the shower.

Imagination’s Playground

The imaginative life
is a playground of possibilities

until all the door and windows
are locked and the bed
is on fire

then there are only two possibilities:
to dance or to cower

and soon there is one:
to face all the unimagined possibilities

17 thoughts on “Pondering Possibilities

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  2. Your poem has a great message.
    Isn’t it interesting when a poem arrives? I like hearing that this one came to you in the shower. I can relate. Sometimes I am scampering for a pen to write before I forget the words. These lines jumped out and could be a poem all on their own.
    “The imaginative life
    is a playground of possibilities”

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