Who were you in my dream collage

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to find inspiration from a chapter title in Poemcrazy: Freeing Your Life with Words by Susan G. Wooldridge.

The PAD Challenge is to write an ekphrastic poem.

I was inspired by the chapter “collage” to look at some collage programs online. I had a lot of fun with Word Art, creating a shape for each line of my poem, starting with another chapter title, “Who were you in my dream?”

Then I put those images into another program called ribbet to make a shape collage. I didn’t enjoy ribbet as much as it made me sign up for a 14 day trial and wasn’t as simple and straight forward as Word Art. But, it made a fun collage to illustrate my poem.

Last Night I Dreamed of You

Who were you in my dream?
I search for you through the seaside
house with so many rooms
ocean spray salts my face
and the curtains, a storm is coming
Are you the air or water,
sifting sand, or my guiding flame?

Thank you for being here

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