Well, if I have to rant about something . . .

I just enjoyed the first presentation of Crime Writer’s Week with author Leigh Russell. She had lots of tips for writers and mentioned poetry often. I’m looking forward to the next panel. I hope you will find time to enjoy some of this free conference this week. I have crime in each of my novel manuscripts from literary fiction to science fiction and even in some of my poems ;). And I’m having fun thinking about all of them.

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a humorous rant.
The PAD challenge is to use an animal title.
My Janus word for the A to Z Challenge today is the phrase “put out” which can mean to create or produce, or to extinguish (a flame) or injure.

A perch inspired my story “More than He Could Chew” which is available in the Anthology Writer Shed Stories (Volume 1).

Put Out by Perch

There you are
swimming to the surface
as I want to dive in
Laying some eggs
–that will be tiny
fish by the thousands
soon swarming the ladder–
leaving a trail of excrement,
flaunting your occupancy

You slimy, slippery, carnivorous
cannibal, yeah, I saw you
slipping into shallow waters
under children’s feet to
freak them out with your
slithering slime, then
shimmering off to hide
in the shadow under the dock

Don’t you know that’s why
you’re so easy to catch?
but that’s another tease
isn’t it? The excitement
of the tug on the line
then your scales are sharp
and cut and you’re so full of
bones, not enough to fry
you’re only good for
choking on

You swim in a school,
but you skipped class

21 thoughts on “Well, if I have to rant about something . . .

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  5. Heartfelt congratulations to you on this feature. There’s so much good stuff to read here but for Time… I’m so grateful for this mention of your story today as I would have gone my whole life without the pleasure of knowing it. I win, today, so thank you so very much.
    Also, thanks to your mention, I purchased the anthology you mentioned. Yay! Another win for me, you see. You’ve created ripples. Thanks.
    Oh, and as for the poem, oh gosh… simply lovely.
    I had me a punch-bowl with these tiny translucent living things, once. Yes, they laid eggs. The tiniest things I’d ever seen with my bare eyes (no, I lie. I had to wear my reading glasses to see them) — I had to move the eggs to a new bowl, lest … you know what they do! So yes. Long story shortened, I got me a new batch of transparent things floating in the new bowl (the ones I could save). Felt good.
    Oh, wait. The last laugh’s on me. Are we talking different fish? Sheesh. Maybe. Anyway, so as not to be the waster of good words, I’ll let them stay (as opposed to slaying them)
    Be well. Thanks for the fun poem. Loveloveloved it. Thanks for this holy connection. Keep going. I wish you miracles.

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