Pathways: a video, music, and poetry project

Update 9/2/2021: After enjoying all the oral poetry for the Poetics prompt this week, I thought the poets of dVerse Poets Pub might enjoy this for Open Link Night. I hope you will check out today’s special guest post from Jacob M. Appel on revision as well.

Here it is! My response to wRightingMyLife’s Changing Focus monthly blogging challenge. The theme was Pathways.

I’ve wanted to try something that combines music, photography, and writing for a while, so this was a great inspiration to give it a try. This first effort was a bit rushed ( I happened upon the challenge halfway through the month), but I had a lot of fun with it and learned a lot.

While putting together the video, I learned how to do some animations with my photographs (haven’t figured out how to use them with my video editing software yet), and learned some techniques for combining motion and still photography.

Recording myself reading my poems was great practice. While practicing, some revisions and edits became obvious.

Writing music to go with the visuals and poetry was very challenging. Many of my ideas just wouldn’t work. I went through days of discarding recordings, but finally came up with the feel of pathways I was going for.

September’s theme is Reflections. I have a lot of reflection to do about my Pathways project. 😉

18 thoughts on “Pathways: a video, music, and poetry project

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  3. This is a great meditative piece. I enjoyed listening to the poetry over the beautiful music, and also enjoyed the photography of nature, and the light footsteps, progressing along with the poem, making them dance at the end…

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  5. Oh my gosh, Maria, those feet going everywhere put a big smile on my face that wouldn’t leave. The multi-media experience was pleasurable immersion in the message. I love this and hope you continue to let your creative spirit flitter, flutter, and tiptoe where you will ❤

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  7. Quite interesting and creative! No wonder it took so long to get this together but thank you for sticking with it and giving it your all. While the blogging challenge on Pathways actually ended a few days ago and the highlights were already posted, I will see if I can update that post to include your response! At least now you know you have the whole month to think and reflect for the next challenge. Warm wishes and many thanks for participating!

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