#OctPoWriMo Day 15: If Umbrage Were an Umbrella

The Spooky Forest by Maria L. Berg 2021

For Tourmaline .’s Halloween Challenge, “spooky,” I created a spooky forest for my skeleton witches to lurk in. I had fun bringing the outside in to create this little world.

An Eerie Glow by Maria L. Berg 2021


Today’s prompt is “leaves.” The 2018 prompt was “If __________ Were an Umbrella.”

If Umbrage Were an Umbrella

over a dark wood
spooky, haunting
look there, be aware
near fear’s edge
jump scares come–
banging cupboards
footsteps creek
floorboards weeping
moaning whispers
stale cigars linger
something scrapes the panes
incomprehensible sound
movement unfounded
unseen forces pushing
and pulling the ethereal–
even when expected make
shudder quiver shiver
spine tingling
gut clenching
skin-jumping scares
eerie dreary swampy
fear clings wavering
on wheezy breezes
leaves leave
dried and dreary
bleary and weary
tree-cast shadow
cover me, from
feelings of hostility
vague doubts
bouts of suspicion
of foliage affording
shade, colors vainly
display a crisp
mockery of time

Ghosts on the Wind by Maria L. Berg 2021

NaNo Prep

I think I’m done with Writober for this year. I’m going to focus in NaNoWriMo prep instead. I started reading through my 2019 draft yesterday and I’m getting excited for my complete re-write. I’m already planning big changes including the names of the main characters and the POV of the opening scene.

I’m looking forward to joining my first NaNoWriMo write-in of this year this afternoon. I usually enjoy them and get some good work done.

Happy Reading and Writing!

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