I Sing of Future Artifacts

Midnight Clear Snow Globe by Maria L. Berg 2021

New Poem

Today’s Poetics prompt from Merril at the dVerse Poets Pub is “Passions Stamped on Lifeless Things.” I really like this quote from Percy Shelley’s Ozymandias. The challenge is to write a poem about an historical artifact.

I’m reading The Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston right now, so I thought I’d focus on the artifacts found during that excursion in Honduras.

When the Future Comes to Plunder

Why do we carve the stone
to imbue it with our judgement
and put the fault on gods–
a power over life, bringer of death
Why do we, the grave-robbers,
look upon these symbols
and not imagine the artist,
admiring the vulture
and in joy scraping
its likeness into stone
or in awe of the beauty
and the power of the jaguar
pounding that emotion
into symbol? No.
The grave-disturbers see
a representation of a shaman
spiritually transformed
or a half-human deity
and a sudden,
When I am at rest
don’t lay my art beside
For when the future comes to plunder
I can only wonder what beliefs
they would ascribe to me.

Elf Carolers by Maria L. Berg 2021

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The Joy of Caroling by Maria L. Berg 2021
December Daily Prompts by Maria L. Berg 2021 Please leave your links in the comments. I hope you will join me.

Happy Reading and Writing!

15 thoughts on “I Sing of Future Artifacts

  1. Maria – I love where you took this… it’s really so so interesting what we ascribe to our dead after they are gone. I get frustrated sometimes with things that other family members ascribe to my father who passed away several years ago…


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  2. I love your poem and your question at the end. It is interesting to ponder what people in the future will dig up and find left from our generation. Perhaps our flash sticks and memory cards will be the hieroglyphics of the future!

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