#SoCS: Mistletoe and Other Tree Parasites

Holiday Parasite by Maria L. Berg 2021

Yesterday I discovered a new technique through another happy accident. I left my lights on after the shoot yesterday, and noticed how they reflected in the glass of the sliding door as if they were outside. I used that to create bokeh in the trees this morning. It’s a great discovery for taking outdoor bokeh on a rainy day.

Romantic Parasite by Maria L. Berg 2021

Stream of Consciousness

It’s stream of consciousness Saturday. The prompt for today is “tree.” In preparation for today’s photo prompt, I read up on mistletoe, and learned that it is a parasitic plant that grows on trees. It not only strangles its host tree and hurts its growth, it is also toxic to humans. Romantic, right? Makes you want to kiss someone? Since it’s toxic, it’s been used medicinally in many cultures. The whole kissing under it appears to be spawned of male toxicity, as in the white berries are a sign of virility because they represent sperm? Oh, creepy traditions.

New Poem

For today’s new poem prompt I repeated what I did last week and browsed my WordPress Reader and found:

Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC). Today’s word is Certify.

Paeansunplugged’s Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday is Crimson.

Molly Shea wrote a fun Cleave poem called Gym Membership. A cleave poem might be a fun challenge for today.

Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #239 is Smuggle. This challenge includes a word limit of exactly 66 words.

That was a fun bit of discovery. And I think I’ll try to wrap that all into my sleep theme for December. Let’s see what that all inspires.

Crimson Morning Light

Even when certified, I must sleep
officially declared possessing, my eyes close
meeting certain standards, my breath slows
no law covers this nightly transport
the dream smuggler of kermes vermilion
a scale insect, a sap parasite
writhing with nymphs, squashed to crimson
the color of the light behind
my closed lids, the pulsing blood
singing the sun, rising to greet
sneaking through curtains, the day begun

Kisses in the Trees by Maria L. Berg 2021

If you’ve enjoy the photographs I’ve been taking, I’ve added some to my RedBubble store and I’m excited about the new products. The abstract bokeh really lends itself to product design. So fun. If you get a chance to take a look, please press the hearts on the images you like. It will help my work get noticed. Thank you.

The Changing Focus Blogging Challenge

December’s theme is Rest, Sleep, and Hibernation.

Motivation and Reward: The pleasant dreams calendar is working. Look at all those stars. Last night was the first night so far that I slept through the night, and I remembered a small part of a dream.

Tools: Still having a cold, and thus being tired, really exhausted, appears to be the only sleep tool I’m using at the moment.

The multi-media project: I started playing with the soothing sounds I’ve been collecting, and I could listen to the kitty purring with rain and wind all day. Here’s the beginning of what I came up with so far:

Soothing Sounds by Maria L. Berg 2021 (recommend listening with headphones).

I’m starting to explore my feelings about sleep in my daily poems, and since I rediscovered my Z filter, I’m catching lots of dreamy Zs in my photos. So some imagery is starting to take shape.

December Daily Prompts by Maria L. Berg 2021 Please leave your links in the comments. I hope you will join me.

Happy Reading and Writing!

6 thoughts on “#SoCS: Mistletoe and Other Tree Parasites

  1. This is excellent, Marialberg! I love the double poem!! What’s the name for this type of poem? You make me want to try it out myself. I love the whole image of the light behind the pulsing blood of eyelids and also the scale insect squashed crimson – wonderful! 🙂

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