Day Fourteen: A Bit of Luck

Two pennies on their sides in the dewy grass and clover.
Luck by Maria L. Berg 2022


Luck is a tricky thing. It can reverse like the flip of a coin. It’s no surprise that people attempt to control it, to wield it through imbuing it into objects. Lucky charms hanging on a chain to kiss, or pocketed to squeeze and rub give one a sense of control when the world throws the unexpected and unwanted.

For today’s images I grabbed a handful of pennies and a macro lens, went outside and tried my luck.

A penny, Lincoln side up, on small dirty rocks.
A Closer Look at Luck by Maria L. Berg 2022

The Prompts


Today’s prompt is to write a poem of the opening scene from the movie of your life.

Poem A Day

Today’s prompt is to write a scary poem.

A penny, tail-side up on small, dirty rocks.
Unlucky by Maria L. Berg 2022

The Poem

Suspending Belief

Bare feet cross the grass
and walk the planks
waves lap at the rocks
seagulls scream the air
the splash announces
lucks return, cool
and invigorating
grace of home
The lens sweeps
upon the mountain
pans out expecting
my head to crack
the still surface
after the rings
have rippled
and resolved
searching breath
but I pull on
and on into
the darkness
lungs beginning to beg
and ache with need
the camera cannot see
A swallow becomes
the star of the show
diving and skimming
back and forth
so careless
worry is forgotten
until a lucky break
in the clouds
releases bright rays
shining the path
to the surface
which I follow
breaching like a humpback
creating a rainbow
with sprays of water
from my hair

The Luckiest by Maria L. Berg 2022

Come back tomorrow for a very special guest post on motivation from Jacob M. Appel!

6 thoughts on “Day Fourteen: A Bit of Luck

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