#Writober Day 5: Treating Myself to a New Mirrorworld for Fall

Klecksography in the Mirrorworld by Maria L. Berg 2022

Tourmaline .’s Halloween Challenge

The New Mirrorworld by Maria L. Berg 2022

Today’s prompt is Treat. I treated myself by taking down the make-shift mirrorworld in the bathroom, and building a new one in the closet.


Today’s prompt is “be yourself.” The recommended form is Palindrome Poetry.

I Am Enough

Connecting thoughts, busy mind
never bored, never stagnant:
not stale or foul from standing
I flow and run as water’s
progressive movement
active, alert, vibrant
enjoying solitude
in pursuit of
of pursuit in solitude
enjoying vibrant, alert,
active movement
progressive waters
run and flow
standing from foul or stale
not stagnant, never bored
never mind busy
thoughts connecting

Being Myself in the Mirrorworld by Maria L. Berg 2022

Writober Flash Fiction

Today’s inspirational image is “Nymph (Redo)” by Monica Antonie Meineche. You can see the rest of her portfolio on Strikingly. Here’s the beginning of “Beware the Song on the Wind:”

I know how it sounds. I can see it in your eyes. You think I’m crazy. But every word is true. And you must listen. All of you must listen, because they’re still out there. I barely escaped with my life.

They’ll temp you with their song, such beautiful voices. It starts like a whisper on the wind. A sound so lovely that you have to find it. It gets in your ears, fills your mind with romance and your heart with longing. And once the voice has brought you to a bridge, or a cliff, or the end of a dock, there sits this beautiful girl. You thought you only loved the song, that you wanted to see what kind of creature could create such stirring tones, but now you love the girl, and you must possess her.

I can see your thoughts. You want to run out and find her for yourself. But don’t! She’s not human, and she’s not alone.

Maria L. Berg #Writober7 Day 5

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