#Writober Day 26: Containing the Autumn Moon

Moonglow by Maria L. Berg 2022

Tourmaline .’s Halloween Challenge

Today’s prompt is Moon. For today’s images I thought about making a transformer filter for the phases of the moon which led me to the idea of using a small brad and turning the moon. For this filter, I used a tiny, black brad (shaped like a button) to hold a circle of paper over a round hole. I attached clear plastic under the hole to create my moon’s texture. I love this simple new technique, I’m excited to use all the tiny brads I bought a long time ago when I was making fancy gift tags one Christmas. They have moved from box, to drawer, to drawer for a long time, and now have found their true purpose.

Blue Moon by Maria L. Berg 2022


No prompt for today, so I thought I’d focus on finding the evil in good and the good in evil for my contradictory abstract noun study. There can be an “evil” in trying to be and do good. Wanting to help people means that you believe they need help. Unless one is responding to a call for assistance that one is skilled and able to give, one is not accepting others the way they are, making a judgement that the other needs to change, and that they can be “helped” to be more like the helper.

Can there also be a similar good in evil? I guess one can say that without evil there is no good, so is that a good in evil? Or when one recognizes evil, one is reminded of what is good and how to be good. I keep thinking of developers, destroying nature for profit, putting tinder-boxes so close together they may as well be adjoining cages, and yet, people may find their best friends in their neighbors, and find a sense of community at a block party. So there may be good in that evil.

Driving by the New Development

Row by row of identical boxes line
serpentine streets straight up the hill
until recently covered with trees my whole life,
holding the earth in place, graciously receiving
our carbon dioxide and gifting us oxygen,
hiding so many lives among their branches and leaves,
but these empty boxes—small windows,
vacant eyes void of life, so close together
two neighbors could reach out and touch—
can’t hide the one fake family in the model home
A mother, a father, an older sister, a younger brother
I imagine the cattle call for a job to play a family,
being paid to impersonate genetic connection
Why were these bland norms chosen?
Who thought those thin smiles would
entice the “right” buyers?
The new street light that had us stopped
at the new cross-street straight up the hill
turns green. “That’s really creepy,” you say
as you slowly drive past the people pretending
to live, pretending they are neighbors
we want to go into debt for the rest of our lives
to live next to, and interact with every day.
How strange it must be to wake up in the house
across from them one morning and realize they
are not there, they never were.

Tidal by Maria L. Berg

Writober Flash Fiction

Today’s image, “Containment Zone” is part of a 3-D rendering package. I have no idea what one would want with a 3-D rendering package, but I like these monsters/aliens.

A tiny scream escaped my pursed lips. I stayed standing by the door that had just closed behind me and stared at the four monsters behind the observation glass. The containment area was a large room, but all four pressed their lanky bodies against the glass toward us. One even pressed his long, three toed foot against the glass.
Unlike me, Dr. Kaza screamed, and kept screaming, full, guttural, primitive screams, but he walked right up to the glass. So close he looked like a little kid at an aquarium, his large nose pressed flat against the alien foot. “Look at this,” he yelled. “You have to come look at this.”
I crept forward, but my legs felt weighted like they had filled with heavy metals, or perhaps grown roots that penetrated the feet feet of concrete.
“I’m serious, Katya, you have to see this. The foot, it doesn’t have ridges, or calluses, it has tiny moving dots. Maybe they have symbiotes.” He pulled his nose away, and looked at me. “What are you doing? Get over here. I told you I don’t want to see this by myself. You have to perceive everything I perceive so we have a combined reality to present to the world.” His nose went back to the glass.

Maria L. Berg Writober7 Day 26 2022

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