Thoughtless Maturity, and No.

Immaturity in Maturity and Maturity in Immaturity by Maria L. Berg

Contradictory Abstract Nouns (Photography Challenge)

Since we’re halfway through the month, here’s the calendar again in case you would like to join in:

Today I’m looking at finding the immaturity in maturity and the maturity in immaturity. Yesterday’s thoughts about time maturing an acquaintance into a friendship had be thinking about how my work has matured over time: I have clearer expectations; I have more control over my results; I have a lot more tools in my toolbox. I decided to put some time into my filters this morning, starting with a balance filter I gave up on recently because I felt pressured for time. I felt the excitement of carefree immaturity as I looked through these filters that had matured through obsessive, relentless, serious, responsible, focused labor, so I could have some fun with them.

And Justice for All by Maria L. Berg 2022

November PAD Chapbook Challenge

Today is the third two for Tuesday prompt:

  1. Write a thoughtful poem, and/or…
  2. Write a thoughtless poem.

For creating a thoughtless poem, I had the idea of collecting the first things I hear randomly listening to radio stations. I’ve done this before, by actually turning the dial on a radio and collecting a couple of snippets. Since I wanted to collect a lot of random lines from different stations, I thought the process might be easier if I could find a station randomizer on the internet. What I found instead was a world of internet radio I had not experienced before. Here are some of the sites that I sampled:

Live 365


Maturity in Immaturity and Immaturity in Maturity by Maria L. Berg 2022

dVerse Poets Pub

Today’s prompt for Poetics is a fun poem called “November” by Thomas Hood. While reading the poem, I thought of a toddler who upon discovering the power of “No” now only says one word. I thought I would add the word “No” to my collected radio phrases, and see what I come up with. Sarah challenges us to take a line from Hood’s poem as a springboard for our poem. I decided to use the line I chose as my title.

No comfortable feel in any member –

Sure, we have thirty seconds to tell you no
and we’re going to rampage the most
important news ever covered:
They are duking it out with each other
side by side, no, it’s quite an international city
where you get deeper into this stuff
with family, no with friends, no
with people on the streets
and you dance, dance, dance with
the woman who lets you
No, I am pointing my finger at you,
and I’m pointing it back at me
and we’re looking at some real No-
vember weather this week
as a conduit for the wellness company
where no radio has been called
the theater of the mind
but she’s got a frequency
and No! Now I’ve got it
all over me, and at no angle
of the hallway did he not believe
he was in charge aha, aha, aha
nothing promised, no regrets

Trying to Find a Balance by Maria L. Berg 2022

6 thoughts on “Thoughtless Maturity, and No.

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  2. I think No is a great word… and depending on how you use it is can be either the petulant toddler or a victim of sexual harassment. It can also be a great way to describe anything abstract describing anything it’s not. I think you have captured all the spans of negation in your poem.

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