Cat-scratch Reveille

Scratching at the Window by Maria L. Berg 2023

At dVerse Poets Pub for today’s MTB Critique and Craft prompt we are:

  • writing an alternate rhyme poem of at least 3 stanzas
  • the rhyme scheme is ABAB; CDCD; EFEF etc
  • We are going to borrow the alternate rhyme pairs from a published poem
  • in the order they were written
  • either a famous poem or one of our own previously published
  • do cite the source (or even post with the original in parallel)

I chose “Reveille” by A. E. Housman from my copy of The Great Modern Poets edited by Michael Schmidt. Drag the arrows to switch between the two poems.

12 thoughts on “Cat-scratch Reveille

    • I thought it was a really neat trick, since my window is on a hill and he can hop in right at eye level, until he started coming around Way Too Early. 🥱😀


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