She Says Peculiarity is Orange

Peculiarity in Sympathy by Maria L. Berg 2023

For those readers who are wondering where my Reading Novels Like a Novelist (RNLN) post is, those posts are on hold for now. I’m still reading and taking notes on a novel a week, I’m just not into spending the time writing about them right now. We’re having some early summer weather here in the South Sound, and I have flower beds to find, and ants to battle, lawns to mow, and a garden to plant, and the weird thing is; my back gets sore, and I get tired. What’s that about? This crazy excitement for working outside will hopefully last through next week and then I’ll probably get back to talking about noveling (and revising my novel, of course).

Today’s Images

I finally found some new pool noodles, so my floating studio has a new façade! I made a new tiny brad filter with a moving triangle on a triangle inspired by a diagram of Jean Victor Poncelet’s treatise on the projective properties of figures in Visual Thinking by Rudolf Arnheim.

While I was setting up my floating studio, a ginormous fish swam under it, and then came back to see what I was doing (sorry I didn’t take its picture, I was kind of stunned, and my camera was still on the porch). I think it might be a bass and live under the dock. I hope it comes to visit again, but not when I’m swimming.

It’s Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub which means there’s no poetry prompt, so head over and link up one of your poems and enjoy reading poetry by poets from all over the world!

For today’s poem, I’m continuing to focus on contradictory abstract nouns. I’ve collected and printed out an extensive list of abstract nouns ( I’m hoping to eventually have a definitive list of all of the abstract nouns in the English language to put in my three dimensional chart of where they fit on the continua of fear, control, and bias). At the moment, the words are on strips of paper in a cup. I selected peculiarity and sympathy to think about today.

Sympathy in Peculiarity by Maria L. Berg 2023

She says peculiarity is orange

like this Fanta orange? zesting fizzy, bright and sweet?
she ponders, head tilted, then smiles and shakes her head

like a construction cone (worn as a hat), or safety vest (over an evening gown)?
she laughs, then frowns, then smiles, her orange lips stretching almost to her orange hair
staring into me, waiting silently

the orange peculiar to oranges?

she knows orange is my favorite color
I’m in my orange flightsuit, drinking an orange soda, under an orange tree in an orange plastic chair

I would say that orange is sympathetic
in an agreed juicy taste and spherical shape
sharing an understanding of orangeness

but do they feel sorrow—as they fall from the tree—in the falling;
do they feel peculiar in their oneness;
do they feel compassion for the others still clinging, and afraid?

she knows orange is my favorite color

12 thoughts on “She Says Peculiarity is Orange

  1. When I read your poem on orange, it brought to mind the dreamsicles of my childhood many many years ago. The were ice cream bars on a stick coated with an orange sherbert like coating.
    Orang is a great color…. Well done.

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