I is for Ignivomous

ignivomous: adjective – vomiting or spewing forth fire.


Discovering Fire


The Bather

she tentatively dips a toe in the crystal water,
he races across the flat, dry land.
Top down, dark hair flying, blasting the classics
Smile so tight he can’t sing along
Smile so long his face tans that way
If he ever stops smiling, contrasting lines will punctuate
and radiate his visage.

he travels freely to no particular destination,
they sit across from each other in a dimly lit dining room.
Silver clicks and clacks on China, rings on crystal
She spits vitriol through ignivomous lips between bites.
He hunches over his plate, shoving overflowing forkfuls of steak,
mashed-potatoes and candied carrots,
mushy peas and roasted garlic
His hand works like an excavator.
Beet juice runs down his chin.

she expresses disdain over dinner,
the bather has waded up to her thighs.
She faces a troubling decision.
The next few steps are more sensitive.
Will she continue to inch forward?
While waves lap and splash creating goose flesh,
she rises on tiptoe to postpone the painful shock of cold
then steels herself and dives in.


Throwing Stones: I made my #NaNoWriMo Cover

Imagined book cover for work in progress by Maria L. Berg

#NaNoWriMo2016 Book Cover

THROWING STONES: Tshepo Mwendi blames fire fighters for the loss of his parents and his home. His grief, turned anger, fuels his singular mission: to make fire fighters suffer as he has by showing the world they are inept (thus taking away their funding leading to their non-existence). To achieve his goal he throws stones to stop them from putting out fires. While throwing stones at a fire outside of the city, he is joined by other stone throwers and discovers a new family among refugees and other disenfranchised of The Eternal Family. There he finally finds love, but he cannot find peace. His sharp mind and tongue along with his warped view of justice and obsessive mission make it easy for him to manipulate their leader. Though he loses his father figure and mentor, he convinces members of The Eternal Family to join him and leads his army back to the city to fight. An underhanded developer learns about Tshepo’s activities and plots to use him, along with an arsonist for hire, to be rid of some problem properties, and their tenants.


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